Sunday, June 2, 2013

ART Ep. 10: Have some Cho Juice! (feat. Amijade)

So we never really get out of the "What you've been playing" segment this week. I want to just say that while it might seem like I just took way too long talking about what I've been up to, the truth is we already knew going in that we probably would not be hitting the RoundTable this show. As a matter of fact the topic we had was only a backup topic we decided on during the pre-show as a just in case. I just want to make sure that gets out there before people start telling me to shorten my part in the what we've been playing bit.

In a lot of ways this show was somewhat experimental. We all did very similar things this week so the idea was we'd all talk about what we did if someone brought up a topic. As a result it sounds like my segment was huge and Ben's was super short, so it pry won't remain the format.

Anyway a huge thanks to our guest Amijade for guesting this week. Storms attempted to have him only partially available or on a delay, but we powered through it and had a lot of fun. We managed to talk a lot about pet battles, farming, scenarios, my anti-social MMO issues, and in what I'm sure will bother a lot of folk, MMORPG's top 5 most anticipated MMOs of 2013.

So I'll let you get to listening, check below the player for all the relevant links to things discussed on this show, including a picture of Ben as a dead Jedi, YAY!

Important Links and Pictures:
First off the link to MMORPG's top 5 MMOs of 2013 ((Wildstar!!))

Here is Ben as a dead Jedi
Sith - LinzyPoo
Dead Jedi - Ben

Guest Info:
Amijade - Twitter: @Amijadethelock Website:

Host Info:
Ben - Twitter: @AltheMage E-Mail:
Jon - Twitter: @Revendawn E-Mail:

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