Sunday, June 23, 2013

ART Ep. 13: In the Dungeon (feat. Matthew Rorie)

Let me give you a little behind the scenes on how Azeroth RoundTable works. Ben and I typically think of a topic and then go down the list of people we'd like to talk to in order to see if there is a really good match. That's the normal way of things. This week was a little different. This week I invited someone mostly because I thought they were an interesting person and we brought them up with no preordained topic.

The results were really good in my opinion. What started as a typical show quickly became a interesting discussion about a play style that neither Ben or myself has. Obviously WoW has a ton of fans and as a result there are going to be a lot of different opinions on what makes the game great and what we'd like to see change. Our interview with Matt really opened my eyes to a type of play I knew existed, but hadn't encountered.

I don't think this a new format for the show or anything. We'll still probably be bringing people in as subject experts, but it was a good experiment for what this show can be when people just get together and talk World of Warcraft.

Contest: Next episode a lucky winner will get their pick of the litter from the official Warcraft Pet and Mount store. How can you be this winner? Simply e-mail us your own submission for our Celebrity Murloc Theater segment and you are entered. We will pick one winner to choose one mount or pet from the pet store.

**Please note that while Ben and I will do murloc requests, requesting a murloc does not actually get you an entry. So feel free to send requests, just know we need an actual audio file from you in order to be entered.

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