Sunday, June 16, 2013

ART Ep. 12: Undead Monkey Babies (feat. Tetsemi and Alachaas)

AKA Tanking part 2 of 2

We finally got to the round table topic! All we had to do was drastically cut down our 5.4 talk and totally leave out what we've been playing. Seriously though, we've been having a lot of fun and hopefully you guys have been too. Personally I like to joke about our missing things here and there, but ultimately the discussions have been amazing.

Check out the new episode below as well as our guest info.

One more thing before I go. Every week Ben mentions his other show Geektopia so hopefully you've checked it out. This week we had Alachaas on and he is the other host of Geektopia, but that's not all! Literally minutes after recording this episode of Azeroth RoundTable I weaseled my way onto their E3 episode to talk XBone vs PS4 and other E3 goodness. If you want to hear me attempt to destroy all of Geektopia I recommend you check it out.

PodOnatic (stream):

That should cover it until next week!

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