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ART Ep. 11: Who is the host with the most? (feat. Tetsemi)

AKA: Tanking Part 1

Another week and another RoundTable, just full of great discussion, but no actual topic in sight. I promise we are going to get to tanking next week, but for this week we hit Battlefield Barrens and Flex Raiding hard. We've been known to get passionate about our opinions here, but I think this is the first week where Ben and I couldn't be more opposed on a part of a topic. Just remember folks, it's all the spirit of fun.

That said, as the person who writes the blog I do get the opportunity to talk a bit more on topics from the show. Listening to the show before posting it here I can say I don't think I did the best job explaining what bothered me about flex raiding so please see below to see the blue post that kind of set it all off for me. Again it's not an issue with flex raiding, I think it's a good idea. However the blue post below sells it as something for the type of player I am and I just don't think it's a solution for me and I think a lot of the features they are saying will appeal to me are just not true, but you can judge for yourself.

Posted by Valkaria
We just made tech which could made life of 25-men a lot easier. Let's give it to LFR folks. -.-

This isn’t for LFR folks, it’s for Normal folks (ahem... you know what I mean) that were going into LFR and weren’t having an enjoyable raiding experience or that just wanted an easy way to play with friends and family without spending too much time organizing it.
These players would go to LFR only for gear, not for the experience, and that’s not really what we want to see happening.

I’m hoping that players who are looking for more challenging content, but have no time to get into the usual guild raiding schedules, will start to switch from LFR to Flexible Raids. 
Highly skilled players with heavy time constraints have always felt a bit left out from MMORPGs, but maybe there are ways we can deal with that. 
Ideally, skill should be equally or even better rewarded than time, but there needs to be a balance between the two, we can’t provide 30 minutes of insanely difficult content with the best rewards that only 0.001% of the player base would be able reach, but we also can’t do the opposite and make rewards exclusively and directly proportional with time spent. Skill needs to enter into the equation and needs to have a pretty strong weight.

LFR still has its own place, some players are quite content with it, some have no intention of going any further than LFR in terms of raiding and are happy with the experience it provides. We’re just trying to provide content for everyone to enjoy.

This is just a preview, 5.4 isn’t even on the PTR yet, many things can still change. This is also part of the reason why we’re sharing this information with you all; the feedback we get will help us to better shape our next major content patch. I've already seen quite a few interesting and unexpected arguments in this thread and we'll share them with the devs, so keep it up! ;)

So that to me is the real issue with flex raiding for me. I don't agree that this is a solution for players like me, but I do think it is an important feature and I do think it needed to be added to the game. However I think you all should judge if flex raiding is for you. You can read Blizzard's post about Flex Raiding here.

Enough on that, let's get to the show...

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