Friday, May 24, 2013

ART Ep. 9: Battlefield 5.3

Our first episode without a guest host! Ok maybe it's not a huge deal, but thank you to the listeners in advance for going along with us on this. We don't plan on doing many of these (unless you asked for them for some reason), but this week our schedules were just too restrictive to allow for a guest host.

Personally I still had a lot of fun on this episode and hopefully you'll like it. Please keep in mind that we recorded Wednesday after the patch hit. I say this because there may be hotfixes in place now to stuff we talked about then. I really enjoy doing the post patch episodes, I wish we had more time with the patch before having to record, but thankfully both Ben and I had experienced a good chunk of it before recording began.

Next week we should be back to our class discussions assuming guest plans all work correctly. Remember if you have someone you want to hear on the show or want to try and guest yourself please e-mail us at:

Show -
Ben -
Jon -

Show - @azerothrt
Ben - @AltheMage
Jon - @Revendawn

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