Sunday, May 12, 2013

ART Ep. 7: Rolling in the deeps (feat. Solarflair)

This week we get a visit from Solarflair of Convert to Raid fame. He stops by to talk about DPS, but we also have a mini-roundtable where we try and figure out Blizzard should reward players who complete challenging content. Ultimately I don't think a lot is decided, but it's nice to have some differing opinions and unique perspective.

Finally we wrap things up with a little more Celebrity Murloc Theater, but unless we get listener submissions, it'll probably be the last. So make sure you get something submitted to us at to keep the segment alive.

Celebrity Murloc Theater
Cartman & Kenny - Jon
Siri - as herlself (recorded by Ben)
Solarflair - as himself

Guest Info
Solarflair is one of the hosts of Convert to Raid, which if you haven't heard of them you need to go check them out as soon as possible. You can follow Solar on Twitter here or E-mail him here. A fun guest fact: Solarflair is looking to buy a Sugar Glider.

Ben AKA Al the Mage can be followed on Twitter here, E-mailed here, or you can catch another show of his called Geektopia here.

Jon AKA Revendawn can be followed on Twitter here, E-mailed here, and is responsible for the Murloc drawings talked about on the show. You can see those below.

Discussed on the Show
Below are links or images that come from things talked about on the episode.
Iron Murloc
Sean Connery Murloc

Sugar Gliders

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