Sunday, April 14, 2013

ART Ep. 3: More polygons than a vanilla human (feat. Alludra)

This week Alludra stops by to talk pet battles... wait that's not the topic, but it does seem to be what we are all up to in WoW this week. What we really do is talk about how WoW players are perceived outside of the game. Of course that's where we started, but it all quickly devolves into talk of hipsters, reality TV, and theories on what is attempting to destroy our society.

We also introduce the new listener feedback section. We have our interview with Richard Harlow (AKA Demonic Ric) and I once again encourge people to help his cause. You can find it here:

Oh also Jon does his best to creep everyone out and we're all sleep deprived.

-Jon "Revendawn" Jagger

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Richard Halow's Fund Razr:

Alludra's Website:

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