Sunday, April 7, 2013

ART Ep. 2: Rho Rho Rho your boat (feat. Rho)

We did it! We made it to episode 2! Ok maybe we aren't quite at any milestones yet, but it feels good to be here and you all have been so supportive. We suspected it'd be a little slow going trying to start the show over again, but the response has been amazing.

This week was an all Rho week and we did sort of plan it that way... sort of. We kicked it off with a little April Fools day prank and co-hosting session on All Things Azeroth, which you can catch right here.

We then followed that with this here show and next Tuesday Ben and I will be interviewed on Realm Maintanence. I will add that link as soon as it goes up.

Until then enjoy episode #2.

Important Links:

Here is the Titan Leak info we discussed:

All Things Azeroth (ft: Azeroth RoundTable):

Realm Maintenance (ft: Azeroth RoundTable): Coming Soon

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