Sunday, October 6, 2013

ART Ep. 28: #FakeLFRRumors (feat. WoWMartiean)

Last weeks episode was very well received if the majority of feedback we got is to be believed. It wasn't popular with everyone, but overall the response was very good. We certainly like to joke around, BS, and overall have fun, but sometimes it's nice to do something different.

Well this week we certainly do something different by comparison. This week we brought in Martiean (Joe) to talk about Machinima and some of the videos he's made. What followed was a lot of fun and laughs. Ultimately I think there is a really amazing message in there. It's not hidden, both Joe and myself talk very passionately about creating things and what that means to us. It is a very serious moment, nestled between some of the more irreverent discussion we've ever done.

So come for the motivation, but stay for the Pokemon, Canadian Sha, Batman, Back to the Future, the origin of #FakeLFRRumors, murlocs, and laughter. If there is one thing I've learned doing this show, I have no idea what we'll turn into.

Discussed this episode:
First up the terrifying screaming Charmander:

And a few videos Joe talked about on show:

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