Sunday, September 15, 2013

ART Ep. 25: Bane Bloodhoof vs. Batman

Welcome to our episode 25 super grand spectacular! OK, not really, more or less this is just a normal show sans a guest. I guess that means we're actually being less interesting for our 25th. Still we are keeping with the grand tradition of talking about patches right after they come out, but this time we've actually played a lot of it before recording.

I'm loving 5.4 which is somewhat surprising because it's probably the patch I was the least excited for. Maybe that's because I didn't did the last two patches, but this one offered a lot. As I say in the show Timeless Isle, might be my favorite thing added in a patch, maybe even ever. I'm really digging that place. Flex raiding feels awesome and the perfect level of difficulty for what I want in raiding.

Overall it has gotten me from playing other MMO's to logging in on a near daily basis. Which makes me happy, I'm sure makes Blizzard happy, and it means I have stuff to talk about besides Hearthstone.

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