Monday, July 29, 2013

ART Ep. 18: Experimenting with Role Playing (feat. Odynus)

Last week we gave a little preview of the small ways Ben and I look at our characters. This week we bring in Odynus to dive all the way into roleplaying. It has been a topic I've been anxious to touch on because it, for me, has one of the more rewarding aspects in the game.

We all hit low points in our playing. Times where it gets a little harder to justify the monthly subscription fee and one of the best ways to fight this is to try out new things. It's a good time to try out PVP, try your hand at raiding, or roll a new class. I can say for me I've tried all of them and the only experience that truly transformed the game for me was trying out roleplaying for the first time.

That is not to say it is for everyone or perfect. I think we touch on plenty of weirdness and pitfalls in the episodes. However all aspects of the game come with their negatives, the importance is that whatever you get from the positive outshines it. This episode was a fun way to introduce a new aspect to the game and I hope it compels a few people out there to give it a go.

Update: Also we discuss this picture on the show... so I should pry include it.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

ART Ep. 17: Me, myself, and I. (feat. Leeta)

Leeta Stopped by this week to get a in depth look at how we look at our characters. If you wanted to know the trials and tribulations Jon goes through every time he creates a character, hear Ben swear instead of saying the word "spreadsheet", or hear Leeta's naming conventions, this is the episode for you.

We also have two celebrity murloc theater bits for you. Pick a winner to our contest and do our best transformer voices thanks to bad weather.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sunday, July 7, 2013

ART Ep. 15: Big Topic, Small Things (feat. Jules and Rho)

So despite what you may or may not have heard we actually did a show this week. Things were a little nuts with Ben out of town and I wasn't sure if I'd have time to get guests and set up enough time record. As it turns out maybe we she fly by the seat of our pants more often because I think the episode turned out great.

We completed our Tauren think Tank collection by bringing in Jules and long time go to back up host for any and all shows Rho. We decided to talk a little about the small things that make WoW great, the minutia. I think the discussion was fun and hit some interesting ideas, including one that I want them to implement so bad that I think it might be causing physical pain.

This is also the longest post show we've ever done. Hopefully you are aware we always stick something hopefully entertaining after all the segments run, but if not make sure you stay until the very end for a shocking appearance by Remghar!

Anyway for all the Ben fans he will be returning for the next episode. Which also means you wont be subjected to my questionable production values and editing. Until then I offer only this:

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